Ambassador’s foreword


It gives me pleasure to welcome you to the web site which the London Office of the League of Arab States has newly created.


The League of Arab states, or, as we fondly call it, our ‘Arab House’ – the oldest regional organization of international stature - consists of a group of states stretching from the Atlantic to the Gulf – states in which many rich and varied cultures have flourished representing a panoply of ethnic origins. It also represents the region which was the birthplace and cradle of the major monotheistic religions - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – as well as the seed of their growth and spread to east and west. The League of Arab States is thus proud to be an organization with deep-rooted cultural antecedents.


In 1941, Britain recognized and gave support to the aspiration to Arab unity. Four years later, the League of Arab States was officially established.


The establishment of the League of Arab States marks yet another step towards  watering the soil of understanding and good relations between all Arab countries and the wide variety of the world’s nations through the dialogue of civilisations, which can increasingly become a means of ever deepening understanding. The London Office is dedicated to furthering cooperation between Britain and the Arab world represented here at the highest level. Cooperation and good relations are of course a crucial part of the process of moving towards a world enjoying excellent inter-state relations in which ethnic diversity, the eradication of poverty and increasing prosperity become the hallmarks of new symbioses of culture. The promotion of the values of tolerance will enable the laying down of the foundations for ever deepening rapport between different cultures and faiths in our new globalised society. The wealth of cultural diversity in the Arab world and elsewhere is a wealth which can be experienced by all, in the process of global enrichment and human advancement. The Arab League is thus well positioned to be in the vanguard of movements promoting dialogue between Arab culture with its deep historical roots and Western and European culture as expressed in British attitudes and values.


I hope that you find in this web site a gateway to learning more about the dynamic and developing relationship between the Britain and the Arab world and people, at the social, political, and economic levels. Please enjoy your visit!


Dr. Adel Babesail

Head of Office

Tuesday 3rd August 2010 15:33 hrs.

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